Feast, then Fly

The airlines are not serving much food or drink included with your ticket these days. Perhaps we need to look up into the sky on a clear fall day for a reminder of flight protocol from those that have been doing it best for centuries.

They flock together near food sources. They know where every grain elevator or field with gleanings is located in their neighborhood. Are they urban or suburban? No problem. Plenty of seeds in the bushes and trees the humans use to landscape. Or in the little strips and patches of untamed vegetation.

Cheep, cheep, cheep. Chatter, chatter. They are always on the look out for threats, ready to flee a predator in a heart beat or a wind flap.

Eat first. Fly later.
Eat first. Fly later.

Special blog guest tomorrow: Sandie Grassino shares a history tidbit.

1 thought on “Feast, then Fly”

  1. Near your farm two summers ago
    FAST FOOD – Lois Scorgie

    Black bird.
    vast span.
    Is it another crow?

    White tail,
    swoops past semi’s prow.

    One pluck.
    road kill
    grabbed within it’s beak.

    Swift thrust.
    Soaring up.
    Gone in a wing flick.

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