October Color

Colors of the harvest. The mature greens. Bright yellows. Deep reds.

Don’t forget orange!

You see them first at the supermarkets these days. Unless you planted a vine or two in your garden. (I hope it’s larger than mine. One vine of this would run over my entire plot.)

This native North American provides color and nutrition to the diet. Plus the entertainment and artistic expression for All Hallows Eve. (Pardon me — Halloween.)

I like mine as pie. I especially enjoy the story of some of the early colonists efforts. Take one pumpkin, cut it to make a deep dish out of the bottom. Remove seeds and pulp. Sprinkle with sweet – honey? maple syrup? expensive imported sugar? — bake. Ala! Pumpkin pie served in the shell. No crust mess. No pie plate.

Actually — I follow a recipe from my mother. She used a pie plate. And a single pastry crust. And she added eggs, sugar, and spices to pre-cooked pumpkin. (Usually from a can.) Mmmm.


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