Above the Fog

Writer Wednesday has returned!

Our guest today is Christian author Donna Benson.  As a critique partner, Donna has borne with me during those drafts that need to come out of the fog and receive a polish.

* * *

In our recent travels, we’ve encountered fog in many areas around the country. It’s not pleasant to drive through this heavy mist because it obscures your vision. We can’t see the scenery or traffic ahead. Year after year, many are hurt in auto or truck accidents because they can’t see far enough ahead to see the dangers. So I slow down, turn on the fog lights, and pray.

As I thought about the fog, I realized many walk around in a spiritual fog. They run through life at full speed oblivious to anything going on around them. Their vision is not clear, they can’t see ahead. Many times they never see road blocks in time to stop, drive over or around them, or make quick changes in direction causing someone else to crash. There may be times our quick maneuvers work out, but more often than not it causes a crash in their life. I admit I’ve been in the fog many times, rushing along without a care in the world or only seeing a small distance, only to come to a screeching halt. I simply can’t see well enough to understand what’s truly happening.

I believe God puts fog, road blocks, or closed doors in our path to get our attention when we’re headed the wrong direction. When I’ve reached a closed door or road block, I’ve had two very different reactions. In my younger years, anger or frustration topped the list. My usual question being, ‘Why God?’ As I’ve grown older, (both in years and spiritual growth) I’ve come to understand God places fog, road blocks or closed doors for my good. They help me slow down, take notice, step back and look at the whole picture. This allows me to avoid pain, suffering, stupid decisions, or consequences I wouldn’t like.

God’s love is greater than we’ll ever know. He wants great things in our life. He wants joy and happiness to be the norm not the rare exception for each of us. Accepting the road blocks is part of accepting God’s love. It’s acknowledging He knows what’s best for us…better than we know ourselves. If we’ll follow His lead, guidance, and direction, we can rise above the fog and live in the sunshine.

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