The Entertainer

Entertain = to amuse, divert attention.

No top hat or cane required for this master of the entertainment art.

As a solo act he’s amusing. Add a few of his friends and it gets hilarious.

They are at their seasonal best on a sunny day. Playing tag. Defending territory. Protecting their mate. Balance and acrobatics are a forte.

One winter a neighbor tried to be kind to the birds with a feeder of assorted seed. Not long after she filled it our little entertainer set about thievery. He stretched. He twisted and turned. He defied gravity – or it seemed that way – until both cheeks were stuffed full of birdseed. Then he gracefully dropped to the ground, glanced around for predators, and scampered away up the closest tree.

Some claim he’s a pest. And I agree that he and his friends can do damage when they attack man-made structures (ie. your attic). But as for me — I’ll continue to enjoy their vigorous activity from my side of the window. Or their clever way of crossing busy streets – think high wire act – during my neighborhood walks.

Thief? Entertainer? Acrobat?
Thief? Entertainer? Acrobat?


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