Green to the Extreme?

Going green in construction is the newest thing. Or the oldest?

Rooftop gardens are touted in magazine articles for their ability to capture rainwater and moderate heating.

It’s an old method with new publicity. Like lady’s hemlines, if you wait long enough it will come into fashion again. (I’m currently waiting for something closer to knee than mid-thigh.)

Thick walls of adobe or stone have been used for centuries for stability of structure and temperature. Perhaps this is man’s attempt to reproduce the constant, cool temperature of caves used as housing and storage.

This green (in every sense of the word) roof is worth noting. The pitch repels snow. The sod absorbs water. The thick matt provides insulation.

Sister Bay - the goat is live

The goat, and his companions out of camera range, provide landscaping service. And they also attract patrons to this excellent Swedish restaurant in Door County, Wisconsin.

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