Apologies to Charlie

Creep. Always going where he’s not wanted. Impossible to get rid of.

If your name is Charles, nickname Charlie, you may not want to continue. Or perhaps you’ll go Latin on me and skip over the common name, Creeping Charlie, and go to Glechoma hederacea. But if your spelling abilities are near mine you go common.

This plant has nice little leaves, similar to the common geranium. Growing habits are more similar to ivy. It loves the shade. And keeps a low profile. The little patch behind my patio spreads over gravel, sending vines over the top and rootlets through the tiny spaces until they find a little nutrition.

Has he found your lawn? He doesn’t read signs, so you’ll have to watch for him. An alert yard owner will find him early and pull out his network before he settles in for a long summer – and the next year — and the next.

A Creeper eager to Run.
A Creeper eager to Run.



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