When I Grow Up…

When I grow up I want to be a tall, graceful, center of attention in a home. I want to hear children laugh. I want to support strings of tiny lights and hold decorations rich with memories on my little green fingers.

That’s in the future. I have several years left to grow among my friends in the field.

We look a little shaggy and small at the moment. Soon the workers will come with their machetes and shear our sides into a gentle slope. My leader will get a trim, preparing me for the next growing season. I’ll stand proud, holding my place in the row until the autumn when I’m selected to decorate and scent a home at holiday time.

Will you select me?

Will I be your Christmas Tree?
Will I be your Christmas Tree?

Starr Tree Farm releases Monday, August 5. Click on the dedicated page of this web site for details and order information.

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