Setting the Table

A chore for a child. Or a task for the most particular of hostesses.

A person might run out of numbers if they tried to count the number of times I’ve heard or uttered the phrase “set the table”. When I was a child, it was one of my regular chores. Since I was both the youngest child and the only girl it may have fallen to me more often than others in our family.

When I became a mother I taught the task to my sons. Like many children, they needed prodding and reminding. But as they got a little older they became more interested – especially for a holiday or special dinner.

Through the years I’ve gazed at many magazine photos and visited several historical homes where a table was set for a formal meal. This summer I found something new. The table shown below is from a home in Missouri, a French village settled early. This home was built later than some, 1818.

Can you spot what makes this place setting different?

Note the spoons in this French style setting.
Note the spoons in this French style setting.

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