What’s In Your Suitcase?

Welcome to Writer Wednesday. Today we are treated to Claudia Shelton as she shares thoughts from summer travels.

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The past month has been filled with a couple of things every writer needs—vacation and renewal. And, my suitcase is totally confused!

First, my vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida meant swimsuits and shorts, tank tops and cover-ups, sandals and suntan lotion. What started out as a clean suitcase interior, ended up with a little sand mixed in with souvenirs and beach memories on the way back. Ahhhhh, fabulous vacation… The packing neatness I used to begin the trip succumbed to way-too-many-fun-times tiredness, so I shoved everything in and hoped the zipper held for the return.

Once home there were barely enough days to unpack, do laundry, and visit the hair dresser and manicurist before restocking the suitcase for a trip to RWA Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. This time I needed to think about wrinkles so I layered clothes neatly: casual, business casual and evening gowns flowed into the empty space. Comfortable dressy sandals and sassy gold high heels rounded out the packing along with a full array of makeup.

After a great conference of workshops, networking and the Gala, I was ready to head home. I slipped my evening gown into its protective bag, spread it carefully in the bottom of the suitcase and smoothed the wrinkles. Ahhhhh, writing renewal… Then I did what every good traveler does when the clock says midnight and your plane leaves in a few hours—I shoved everything in (including two additional stacks of books) and hoped the zipper held till I got home!

I must admit back-to-back travel made me a little tired, but I’m also energized and ready to tackle my current work in progress. Wait till you see what my alphas and the women strong enough to love them are up to next. Of course, there’s still a little sand in the suitcase. Guess I’ll just have to save it for my next trip.

Sanibel First Night
Sanibel First Evening

How about you…what’s in your suitcase?

Claudia Shelton

Claudia Shelton writes Romantic Suspense. Look for her debut novel, RISK OF A LIFETIME from Entangled Publishing–Ignite, February 2014. In the meantime, visit her at:


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7 thoughts on “What’s In Your Suitcase?”

  1. I loved the last part: shoved the books, etc., in and hoped the zipper closed. Yep. Sounds familiar 🙂 I find it phenomenal that everything in my suitcase is folded neatly and packed just so for the trip ‘to’, but the same stuff barely fits on the ‘from’ side. Sounds like you had a great summer of travel.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. I must admit that one time I stuffed so much inside that the zipper locked up. Had to cut it open once I got home. Of course then I got to buy new luggage!

  2. Why are suitcases like anything else in life? We approach a trip, a job or a manuscript with the best of intentions, packing neatly and making sure everything is just so and then chaos ensues! Well done, Claudia. I enjoyed your article.

  3. My suitcase is empty – prepping for a busy travel year in 2014. But we’re taking a couple vacation to Bristol the end of the month. And I’ll probably visit Idaho sometime before the end of the year.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Lynn. 2013 has turned into a busy (and fun) travel year for me. Of course I’m already planning trips for 2014, too. Have fun on your vacation.

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