The surgeon visited.  Not the one with MD or DO or even DDS behind his name.

This team – he never works alone – makes yard calls.

Tree service. Tree trimmer. Arborist. They arrive with a truck, a chipper, and a crew of men (or women) with varying amounts of experience and expertise. Ropes, safety harness, climbing. This is a job for the nimble and alert.

With great care they take their positions. Start the saw. Make their cut.

The ground crew collects the fallen and feed the chipper.

After the men and the equipment depart a quiet descends on the patient.

The wound weeps, coats the raw area with fine tree tears. Time is a great healer here as in many aspects of life. Year by year the edges will change, creep inward, and leave a less obvious scar where once a branch grew too close to a human creation.

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