Traffic Check

Look both ways!

Walk — don’t run!

Wait for the green light!

My parents taught and demonstrated the way to cross the street when I was very small. We only used two of the above three in our home town. We lived on main street in our small midwest village for the first eight years of my life. Traffic light lessons were for larger cities, when we went on shopping trips. You remember them — the towns large enough to have a JC Penny or Sears store downtown plus dress shops, drugstores, bakery, and bookshops downtown.

The basics still apply. I will plead guilty to running, or some gait between walk and run on occasion. Is it my imagination or are the engineers that time the pedistrian walk signals world class sprinters?

Check both ways? Absolutely!

And I’m not alone. Seems other parents have taught their children the

Looking both ways before hopping across lot.

same basics.