Time to Play

They’re back!!!

Blessed with dry days and pleasant temperatures the workers arrive every morning, open their trailer of supplies, and set to work.

Piece by piece the climbing, sliding, crawling, and turning toy takes shape. The dozer is the first thing to leave – loaded unto its flat trailer – off it goes to the next job site. One by one the pieces of the containment ring are pegged into each other and into the earth below. Heavy plastic follows over the interior of the oval. What will they finish it with? Will small feet hit sand? Pea gravel? Thick rubber mats?

A new trailer arrives and the men pull out a long, thick hose. Motors whirr, hose is guided, and wooden chips transferred.

It’s finished now. The last of the “caution” “keep out” yellow tape is taken away.

Go ahead kids – climb, slide, crawl, and turn. Most of all — ENJOY!!!

Ready! Set! Play!