Is it Broken?

Have you broken it yet?

How is that shiny New Year’s resolution?

If each word of each resolution I’ve ever broken was a scrap of paper I’d be up to my neck. Am I that old? Or just that poor at keeping them?

Take heart — you’re certainly not alone in still eating dessert. Or avoiding excercise. Or putting off that letter to a friend, visit to a relative, or volunteer hours at your favorite charity.

You could start new.  How about a new month resolution?  That gives you twelve chances a year for progress.  Let’s see… if you keep January’s for one day, February’s for two….. by December you’ll make it twelve days! That’s almost two weeks!

Good habits come only with hard work.

Why do the bad ones form so easy?

Well, I’m off to do one of those nasty little tasks I always resolve to keep up with.

Good luck to you!   See you on August 8 as I finally keep at it for more than a week steady.



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