Non-calendar Season

End of January. By now you should have received all of those official financial forms. You know the ones–the numbers necessary for that most dreaded of all seasons……

Tax Season!

Early in an afternoon next week I’ll gather papers together, make stacks on the kitchen table and chairs, brew a very large cup of tea — and attack.

I like to think of myself as an organized person. Well, that will be tested.

I’ll make a list, put numbers in columns, and do the math on a calculator. (That’s not a guarntee I’ll get the numbers right but it increased the odds tremendously.) Then since I’m too cheap to hire a professional I’ll fill in the forms – in pencil.

Let sit for up to one week. 

Then go back and check all the math. Re-read the directions for the part that’s new to me this year. Double check the routine stuff – transposing digits in a Social Security Number brings trouble.

Then comes the trip to the library to make copies, post office to mail them off to federal and state with a prayer.

I’m thinking wine with supper tonight!

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