Winter Artist

What’s the weather doing?

It’s January. You can skip a comment about temperature and get right to the heart of the matter. Has it snowed? How much? Dry and fluffy? Heavy? Does it pack?

The world lies quiet under a blanket of white. Fresh. Clean.

Adults come and clean sidewalks and streets. They run like dark ribbons between ridges of white.  Wait….I see a path, crooked and widening across the lawn. Another. And another.

Follow it to the end and find a favorite winter work of art. The popular with all ages – snowman!!!!

A photo album guards a black and white snapshot of my father and I with our pride for the day. Mr. Snowman stands shorter than dad and taller than his five-year-old helper. Lower body, upper body, and head. Firewood arms and bits of wood and bark for buttons and facial features. An extra hat from the house and we called mother to record our work.

A generation later two boys and their mother construct another one. Quick…we live further South and the construction material will not last. No photo, only a memory of the squat, white figure with a long yellow scarf on the lawn.

Sun resistant friend

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