Green Centerpiece

O Christmas Tree!

It’s that time again.  It’s the portion of the year when a Northern European tradition, imported to America long ago, becomes prominate in living rooms throughout the United States.

Be they green, flocked in white, or pink shiny aluminum it’s time for the Christmas tree.

I’m a traditional person. I like my trees green. Real is my first preference, complete with the pine or fir scent and a few needles dropping before the tree exits. But plastic in various forms has advantages. You can display it longer, not worry about the dog or cat drinking the water, and lessen the fire hazard.

Decorating is best a joint project, as many household members as possible participating in testing and stringing the lights. One by one the baubles, bells, and balls get pulled from their boxes. Do you remember this one? We’ve had that forever. This was a gift from _____.   This one came home from first grade, Cub Scouts, or office party. Find a branch – larger and heavier close to the trunk and low on the tree. Tiny bits of glass and painted wood on the edges and top. Don’t forget the star!

Are we done? Clear the boxes away, step back, and turn on the lights.

What could be finer than a cup of tea and a carol or two next to a fresh decorated tree?      Let’s get started!

Dress me!!!

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