Non-traditional Leftovers

How many ways and how many meals of the traditional American Thanksgiving feast can a person eat? Endless. So I won’t even try to address them.

Here are some alternative feasts to consider for next year. Tried and tested on holidays by myself and two teen boys. They wanted ‘different’.

Italian: We started with lasagana, one of their favorites, and built around it.

Duck: A search of cookbooks found an aromatic spice rub. And what could be more delightful than a sixteen year-old boy talking to a duck while massaging spices into his skin?

Baked fish: A trip to an International grocery store resulted in a sea bass that just fit at an angle on a jelly roll pan. We stuffed him with lemon and onion – after the other boy – held him firm, looked him in the lips, and informed him of his responsbility to be a tasty main course. Fish took his advice.

Other: We selected a Greek theme the year we found lamb to roast.  Deep fried everything – mushrooms, onion rings, potatoes, fish, and shrimp the year the oven didn’t work. And the final year, when only one came home from college for the holiday, we tried Cajun. Jambalaya with shrimp and alligator sausage with home made sweet potato pie for dessert.  Life is good.

Give thanks for…family, memories, and adventures in the kitchen.

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