Color Change


Yellow, orange, and red stand out as the colors of harvest. Yellow corn, bright orange pumpkins, and a dash of red apple are displayed against the traditional turkey brown.

Today my Thanksgiving and Harvest decorative items will come down from the shelf and go into the box. They are off to rest for eleven months or so in the dark and (we hope) dry.

Fallen maple and oak leaves fall out of interest – we’ve trampled and raked until we gaze at rake rough hands and mutter insults at the remains. But wait – Thanksgiving is not a morning, or a day, or even several. It’s an emotion, a way to look at the world and appreciate sunshine and blue sky no matter temperature in single or triple digits.

Yes, the season is over. One thing gives way to another. But I’ll take one more look before I close one box and reach for another.

Give Thanks

New items come out of another box. Red and green with an accent of white or a dash of gold. Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

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