All Hallows Eve.  A lantern made from a gourd. A very special color, size, and shape gourd that is.

Making a proper Jack-O-Lantern is messy business.

Cover the table with newspaper.  Stab into the top – careful – not too close to the stem! Cut a fine circle. Okay, it looks more like a wayward octagon (for October?) by the time you finish.

Loosen the fragrant netting structure holding the seeds. Follow with your hand, time after time dipping into the depths, pulling out seeds and fibers to set aside. Will you rescue some of the seeds? Dry and salt them for a treat? After the hand comes the spoon to scrape the lining smooth, pick up stray seeds that slipped through your fingers.

And now the test! Have you drawn the face with pencil or crayon. Decided upon round or oval eyes? And the mouth – smile? frown? teeth? how many?

Final touch- in the very center make a depression with your spoon – nestle your fat candle inside.

Finished! Clean up the mess. Scrub the table. Set in a safe place and burn the candle only under adult supervision.

Smile on fiberglass imposter.

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