Colorful Harvest

The pumpkins are here! The pumpkins are here!

Late October and thoughts turn to costume parties, trick or treat, candy, apples, and largest and most important – PUMPKINS!!!

Like the customers at the charity sales site, they come in all sizes. We walk among them, pick up a few to check the bottom, test the weight.

I like the tiny ones, they fit in one hand and add color and class to centerpieces.

Wait – there’s a nice medium one – see the curved stem handle? A taller rather than wider shape will background a great face.

A big one? A small child could hide behind this one! Wide, nice rib design, and lots and lots of room to make our design.

During the third wander through the colorful choices we select the perfect fit. Money changes hands and home we go. Discussion turns first to paint or carve. Then the annual debate – happy face? Scary face? Should we make it look like daddy?

Come to our place with your Trick or Treat bag to see!

Pick me! Pick me!

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