Welcome Water

Portions of the western United States are sparse on water sources. Early travelers planned journeys to include as many evening stops near water sources as possible.

After all, the oxen and horses included in a wagon train needed a good drink after a hard day’s work. The humans appreciated water for cooking and washing. And I imagine more than one prayer for the water to be clear and sweet rather than alkaline and sour.

After the stone is removed from his boot, do you think the cowboy, or traveler, will find relief in a cool stream? Will he check the horse for stones in his shoes?

This statue raises many questions. What’s the horse thinking? How much longer is the journey? Where are they headed? Why?

The immigrants in NEW DREAMS made a long journey involving much water — much of it unfit to drink. Check out the sweet romance with a cool beverage within reach.

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Ready and Waiting

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. In St. Louis, the season brings hot days, some rather warm nights, and thunderstorms.

A very popular way to deal with some of those hot days involves water. More than water to drink – although I encourage you to stay hydrated. Your flowerbeds and potted plants appreciate a drink in the coolest part of the day also.

Splashing and swimming. Relax on a lounge for a sun tan (or burn). Another dip to cool off.

When you don’t have access to ocean or lake — a pool is the place.

Be sure to bring a book — I recommend a romance — to fill the time when you are not actually in the water. Call it a “pool read” instead of a “beach read”

Two titles if you like your romance sweet:

Comfort Zone:

Morning Tryst: