Tree Skirt

In January of 2019, St. Louis received snowfall. This was not the half an inch that is deposited several times a winter. This was SNOWFALL!

Children were happy for a snow day — or two, or three.

Parents scrambled to make childcare arrangements because school cancels much quicker than work.

Teachers took a deep breath and checked the schedule for the revised school end date.

Meanwhile: Snowplow operators worked almost around-the-clock. Phone calls between friends and neighbors were frequent. Grocery stores kept tabs on deliveries — would the dairy truck make it? When could they get re-stocked on all the bread, milk, and eggs?

This is the time I give thanks for being retired. I’m allowed to stay quiet, snug, and cozy in my home. Will I venture out? Yes, but at the time I choose — think daylight and away from rush hour — lunch?

It’s a good time to collect some photos.

Look at that! The oak tree is wearing a white skirt!