Tree Skirt

In January of 2019, St. Louis received snowfall. This was not the half an inch that is deposited several times a winter. This was SNOWFALL!

Children were happy for a snow day — or two, or three.

Parents scrambled to make childcare arrangements because school cancels much quicker than work.

Teachers took a deep breath and checked the schedule for the revised school end date.

Meanwhile: Snowplow operators worked almost around-the-clock. Phone calls between friends and neighbors were frequent. Grocery stores kept tabs on deliveries — would the dairy truck make it? When could they get re-stocked on all the bread, milk, and eggs?

This is the time I give thanks for being retired. I’m allowed to stay quiet, snug, and cozy in my home. Will I venture out? Yes, but at the time I choose — think daylight and away from rush hour — lunch?

It’s a good time to collect some photos.

Look at that! The oak tree is wearing a white skirt!


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  1. Yesterday afternoon, minus 6, clear and sunny, I made my trip for drugs and food. The lot was packed with snowcrusted tired autos. Few carts waited at the bigstore’s door . So many times, I said. “Excuse me.At aisles’ ends, I almost ran into nearly full carts. With open winter coats and untied scarves,
    frustrated shoppers added milk, eggs, bananas, some vegetables and meat. Of course, they have pizzas and chips too.

    There’s rumors of a BIG,BIG storm! It’s coming tomorrow! I’ve checked dependable WCCO from Minneapolis for radar reports. I’m ready, books, yarn, food! I may even make SOUP!

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