Grab a Banana

No — not from this bunch. You don’t want to get into trouble with the patient people at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Collect your banana at the grocery store. A good, healthy snack. Goes well with a variety of beverages. Compatible with books. Bites can fit into a conversation.

My suggestion for today: Eat the treat while enjoying the cover image of my next romance.

The steamboat’s coming up the mighty Mississippi River to the fictional town of Elm Ridge, Illinois.

Step back in time to 1851 — a time when Deutsch immigrants travelled and worked to make dreams come true in a new land.

This story will be available at all major on-line retailers March 22, 2023!


Grandmother’s Pantry – P

Grandmother! Grandmother! Let me fix supper!

We’ve arrived at one of my favorite food letters. Here’s the menu:

Begin with a Pear salad. Follow with Pulled Pork served with Potatoes sprinkled with Parsley. We’ll drink Peach Punch and polish it off with Pecan Pie.

Too much? You want to get lighter? Oh…..finger food.

Sing a snacking song with me. Peanuts, and Popcorn…

If you live in the Upper Midwest — add Pop.


Grandmother’s Pantry – G

Opening the pantry door, I wondered what Grandmother waiting for me today.

Eat foods beginning with G, I muttered. Oh, look — ginger and garlic and everything “ground”.

We could roast a Goose and Glaze it with a Grape sauce. Shall we make Gumbo?

Or on the lighter side:

Guacamole and Garlic — go togethers. Add something crunchy and you have a great snack for a stay-at-home evening.