Grab a Banana

No — not from this bunch. You don’t want to get into trouble with the patient people at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Collect your banana at the grocery store. A good, healthy snack. Goes well with a variety of beverages. Compatible with books. Bites can fit into a conversation.

My suggestion for today: Eat the treat while enjoying the cover image of my next romance.

The steamboat’s coming up the mighty Mississippi River to the fictional town of Elm Ridge, Illinois.

Step back in time to 1851 — a time when Deutsch immigrants travelled and worked to make dreams come true in a new land.

This story will be available at all major on-line retailers March 22, 2023!


Grandmother’s Pantry – K & L

I walked into Grandmother’s pantry, paused and returned to the fridge. Inside I found the ingredients for a suitable meal.

Starting with a Kale and Lettuce salad, I put a Lamb chop on the grill. Planning was complete when I put the finishing touches on a Key Lime pie.

Are you expecting any of the above K and L foods in the photo? Sorry —

Kiwi and Lemon got plucked from the drawer for the photo opportunity.

Fresh fruit — sliced lemon flavored my water, making getting the daily allotment more pleasant.


Grandmother’s Pantry – D

I opened Grandmother’s pantry and found…

Let’s see…what starts with D. My first thought is not a food but a cut — DICED.

It was after I browsed around in the cookbook index that I decided on delicious D’s for a menu.

Shall we begin with duck? How about adding a dill sauce? I’d like to wash it down with a Daiquiris please.

Actually, the photo below is probably the most common response and has a certain charm and versatility.

These DATES didn’t photograph as well as some other foods — but when added to their friends they tasted fine in cookies.


Grandmother’s Pantry – B

I opened Grandmother’s pantry and found…

Oh, so many choices for the letter B. A person could make a meal with Bread & Butter, Beans, and Beer.

The day I was thinking about this entry and taking a few photos — the perfect subject was lying on the table.

Sweet, but not too sweet, the basic banana can be paired and eaten with other popular foods.

Some people put them on cereal (hot or cold), in a sandwich with peanut butter, or (my favorite) with ice cream. But when packing a lunch, or following a healthy diet, it’s a great peel and eat dessert or snack.

Have you eaten any B foods today? Brownie? Beef? Bacon?


Grandmother’s Pantry – A

When I was a child, we sometimes went on a Sunday afternoon drive with another family.

This was before seat belt use use required, and the number of children in the back seat of the full-sized sedan varied from three to four or perhaps five – dependent on size. As you can imagine, we needed entertainment. Often we played an alphabet and memory game called “Grandmother’s Trunk”.

In the next few months I’m going to modify it to “Grandmother’s Pantry” in an attempt to find a food – or ingredient – you would find in a good cook’s kitchen.

A is for….. let’s see, some of the choices would be: apricots, asparagus, allspice or anise seed to spice it up and ale to wash it down.

However, we’re starting conventional.

Red, shiny, and ready to eat — an apple starts our trip through the alphabet cupboard.

Crisp and fresh — cooked into sauce — or squeezed into juice — apples have a place at every table.