Live with Gusto — and Soar

Every group needs a thread which weaves through the relationship. The motto above, while unofficial, is a favorite among a group of five women who bonded during US Navy boot camp many summers ago.

Time passes. Face-to face time between group members becomes sporadic as they each lead separate lives. And then…

The unthinkable happens just when Janet Johnson of St. Louis would like to enjoy the end of an August heat wave.

Dip into this sweet, contemporary romance and meet Janet — HVAC tech, divorcee, and mother-of-the-bride — as she navigates a few of the trials of the “sandwich” generation. Will she live with gusto? With a partner?

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Good Dog!

Most people enjoy a good dog story. You know the type: Dog saves child. Dog chases away thief. Dog alerts owner to danger.

Man’s (or woman’s) Best Friend also makes a fine supporting actor in books and movies. Countless Hollywood stars have worked along a four-footed sidekick. Romance novels feature dogs often — boy meets girl walking dog — for example. Or a mutual affection for animals brings a couple together at a park or animal shelter.

Seed of Desire – A Crystal Springs Romance is available at many fine on-line retailers.


Review Tuesday 4

All good things end in due time. Since this is the final Tuesday in January, this is my final post of 2020 book reviews. Books can take you anywhere — so let’s drop in to a different time and place.

The Hidden Moon

By: Jeannie Lin

Step back to 9th century China.

Murder. Mystery. Forbidden love. Ms. Lin combines all of these and more in the most recent Lotus Palace Mystery. Follow Wei-wei as she sees places and meets people far different from her rich, aristocratic family.


Review Tuesday 3

Writers should read. It’s good to read in the same genre you write. So if you notice a trend toward romance in this short series of posts — it’s because this romance writer reads a variety of romance. (Plus other things — many were quality, but not reviewed by this author.)

Today I feature a new face. A St. Louis area resident. All around good person.

My Forever Home

By: Debbie Burns

A winning combination…dogs and baseball.

While Tess Grasso coaxes a loose dog back to the leash holder, her laptop goes missing. The computer held all her plans for a new business. It’s a perfectly timed job opening at High Grove Animal Shelter which keeps her from returning to work at her uncle’s sandwich shop.

Professional baseball player, Mason Redding, wants to be liked as a person, not a celebrity. It’s a delicate business to get acquainted with Tess without tipping his hand.

Ms. Burns writes a delightful romance. Animal and human characters have personalities larger than life. This series is a winner. Five paws!


Review Tuesday 2

Last week you read about my top choice of non-fiction for 2020. Today I want to introduce you to my favorite fiction read (actually a re-read — it was just as good the second time around)

The Black Hawk

By: Joanna Bourne

Second Time better than the first.

While I recognized this as both excellent story and writing the first time around, it was even better as a re-read.

Ms. Bourne takes us back to the time of the French Revolution and the rise and fall of Napoleon.  A French Spy and English Spy develop a VERY complicated relationship.

The entire Spymaster series is excellent, but I rate this as best of the best.