Review Tuesday 3

Writers should read. It’s good to read in the same genre you write. So if you notice a trend toward romance in this short series of posts — it’s because this romance writer reads a variety of romance. (Plus other things — many were quality, but not reviewed by this author.)

Today I feature a new face. A St. Louis area resident. All around good person.

My Forever Home

By: Debbie Burns

A winning combination…dogs and baseball.

While Tess Grasso coaxes a loose dog back to the leash holder, her laptop goes missing. The computer held all her plans for a new business. It’s a perfectly timed job opening at High Grove Animal Shelter which keeps her from returning to work at her uncle’s sandwich shop.

Professional baseball player, Mason Redding, wants to be liked as a person, not a celebrity. It’s a delicate business to get acquainted with Tess without tipping his hand.

Ms. Burns writes a delightful romance. Animal and human characters have personalities larger than life. This series is a winner. Five paws!

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