Quick — Say the First Occupation

This is a test — of the playground or water cooler variety — say the first occupation that comes to mind with the following prompt.

Romance novel heroine.

Did I hear teacher? Nurse? Secretary? Dress shop owner? Perhaps chef or flight attendant.

Come on, people — think out of the mid-twentieth century box — we’re finding successful women in a much broader range of occupations. Try again —

Ahh…that’s better. I hear doctor, lawyer, pilot, and architect. Each of them suited to a modern romance novel. However…

when the book title is Comfort Zone and you have the clue above…

Yes, Janet Zwingel is an HVAC tech — good at her job and respected by her peers. Perhaps this is what happens when you let your daughter tinker in the garage and assist when you repair neighborhood cars.

Kindle readers:


All in a Row

Reflective material can be a life saver. I recommend it for any walker or bike rider out after dark.

It can also make for a spooky photo.

This is not a line of aliens waiting to attack.

No, these lockers contain a much kinder, occupational necessity.

This is the turn out gear – ready for the next emergency — spotted during a recent fire house tour.

The men assigned to this gear are: human, intelligent, well-trained, polite, and patient. They were generous with their time while a group of female authors plied them with questions about the equipment, procedures, frequent complaints, and fire station life.

Thank you. Whether you are extinguishing a fire, completing a medical call, or any of the other dozens of things which prompt a citizen to call 911.