Need a Hug?

Personal contact. Physical contract. Touch. Are you aware it is one of the human needs?

Depending on the people you were raised with, the frequency and closeness of hugs varies. In my family of origin, hugs were brief and reserved for special occasions. However, when certain relatives arrived for a visit — you were HUGGED!

Do you remember any particular person’s hugs? For the warmth? The length? The strength?

Kitty will HUG you — and a few of your friends. She may feel a little stiff and cold (depending on the weather), but she means well and will stay still while you photograph loved ones (human and canine) within her paws.


No Fooling!

No special language skill required!

The message seems clear to me — no matter that I can only read a few words in the language.

On the first of April — or any of the other days of the year, I’ll be good. I’ll stay out of your yard. I suspect the guard dog is agile, large, and knows how to use large teeth.