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Cheerful Color

Yellow, in light and medium shades, was a common color for kitchen walls when I was a child. Cheerful and bright were the comments from the adults in my life.

Years later, while discussing colors prior to painting my office, a friend described yellow as a creative color. Evidently people have done studies on colors. Yes, red stimulates appetite. (You’ll find lots of red accents in restaurants.) Yellow, even in small amounts – in a piece of art, a pillow, or curtains – stimulates creativity.

A person can also think of yellow as a spring color — full of hope and promise. Winter is gone. Early spring flowers open yellow petals to warming air.

Snowbanks are melting as I write this blog and enjoy this photo from four years ago. Yes, it’s possible to have color in St. Louis before February ends. Rejoice! Smile! The days are filled with more light and signs of a new season.

Caution Zone

One of the popular memes on social media which I enjoy is simple:

When you can be anything — be kind.

Good advice for multiple situations.

Does a neighbor give a grumpy response to your greeting? Be kind — smile anyway.

Does another driver on the road block your lane change? Be kind — draw a deep breath and keep your hands in a polite position.

Does a child ask 100 questions in a row? Be kind — you were young once.

Kindness is good when dealing with plants also. Remember they are living. You’ve not need to break leaves or stems in fun or anger. (Well, if it prevents doing bodily harm to a human it would be an good alternate.)

However, do not consider all plants defenseless.

Mix caution with kindness when dealing with Crown of Thorns. The delicate, tiny blossoms cling to a strong defense system.