At Great-Grandmother’s

Housekeepers, be they the lady of the house or hired help, consider a few things necessary in every generation. A place to store kitchen basis is on this list.

This fine collection of crocks with wooden lids would have been welcome in generations of homes. I can imagine them filled with salt, lard, and cookies. (Yes, as a young girl, I knew exactly which crock on the back porch held the cookies at my Great-Aunt’s home.)

Take a look around your kitchen. Do you spot cannisters or other containers designed to store basics? Are they plastic? Ceramic? Metal?

Keil’s Bakery in fictional Elm Ridge, Illinois would have had a collection of crocks (many of them larger than in the photo) to store food for the winter. Some for baking and others for personal use. I’d expect to find the larger ones in the storeroom beside the flour barrel for the bakery. Learn more about the people in the bakery in New Dreams, a sweet romance, by clicking here:

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