A Humble Constant

Many homeowners keep one stashed in their shed or garage. Your ancestors likely either owned or used one at their work — especially if work was on a farm or construction site.

This particular humble wheelbarrow was US Army property at one time. I can imagine an assigned soldier or two loading it with bags of supplies and transporting the goods to the proper storage place in the fort.

When I was a girl, the wheelbarrow served many purposes. (Ours was a different model with a metal bucket.) It was vital when cleaning the barn. After a good hosing, it also was used to mix small batches of concrete. And of course, young children were also transported. Usually with laughs and giggles — until the pusher found a few too many gopher mounds.

The residents of fictional Elm Ridge, IL also used wheelbarrows. Within the pages of New Dreams, a sweet historical romance, keep an eye out for the wheelbarrow appearance.

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