Go North!

Do you need a break from your routine? Is it time for vacation? Not enthusiastic about a hot, crowded, sandy beach?

Go North! Break away from the herd. Pack your bug spray, a hat, and sturdy shoes and head for the Northwoods.

What will you find? Space. Quiet. Water. Trees. Little surprises around the curve of the trail — or the next stop on your canoe adventure.

You may see deer. Or a moose in the early morning mist. Perhaps you’ll hear a loon and startle out of your chair. Maybe a raccoon will work on the combination to your trash container — or a bear.

You might want to work up an appetite with a hike. Or relax on the dock and let the lap of water against wood lull you to naptime.

Gooseberry Falls in one of Minnesota’s state parks is a pleasant place to spend an hour — or a day – or more.

Sweet romance with a connection to the Northwoods includes Seed of Desire.

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