Go North!

Do you need a break from your routine? Is it time for vacation? Not enthusiastic about a hot, crowded, sandy beach?

Go North! Break away from the herd. Pack your bug spray, a hat, and sturdy shoes and head for the Northwoods.

What will you find? Space. Quiet. Water. Trees. Little surprises around the curve of the trail — or the next stop on your canoe adventure.

You may see deer. Or a moose in the early morning mist. Perhaps you’ll hear a loon and startle out of your chair. Maybe a raccoon will work on the combination to your trash container — or a bear.

You might want to work up an appetite with a hike. Or relax on the dock and let the lap of water against wood lull you to naptime.

Gooseberry Falls in one of Minnesota’s state parks is a pleasant place to spend an hour — or a day – or more.

Sweet romance with a connection to the Northwoods includes Seed of Desire.

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Graceful Drop

During the years, I’ve had my share of trips and falls. Most have done little harm to the body. The ego suffered more. But even the ones where I get back on my feet a moment later and brush off the bits of grass, sand, gravel, or whatever surface I collided with could never be called graceful.

No — klutz comes moreĀ  to mind.

It’s not the same with water. Unlike humans (or most animals) when it drops from one level to another, the results can be soothing rather than alarming. In a few cases, it can also be impressive and powerful.

Relaxing view on a sunny day.