September Beginnings

Many years, and several hundred miles, ago…

If your social media feed is similar to mine — the previous week or two has been filled with photos of friends sending their children to school. Some are posing with smiles. A few look very uncertain about the whole procedure. You see the entire range of kindergarten to off to college.

My mother also recorded the event in our household — at least for her youngest child. I think she actually took the picture a day or two before school started. After all, it was going to be an outside photo (we didn’t own a flash camera).

My preparation involved learning to pronounce the name of my teacher. It wasn’t a difficult name — much easier than my own which I had actually learned to spell by the time school started.

Mother purchased my supplies: tablet, pencils, crayons, and paste.

Ready for First Grade!

A clean dress, white socks, and probably new shoes and I was all set to conquer the world!

Reading was my favorite and continues to be a great joy in my life. In fact, I like reading well enough that I’m making a second career out of writing.

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