Fish Friday

St. Louis is located in a portion of the country where late winter and early spring brings weekly fish fries. In a slightly different region, a few hundred miles north, the fish fry on Friday night is a year-round tradition.

However, there is always one in every crowd who demands the food each and every day. Each and every meal. Welcomes it as a snack also. Fried? Yuck — I’ll take it straight. Fresh preferred. Frozen accepted.

Another fish, please. Yes, I practiced the trick for the nice people. Now — may I have my fish. No more tricks until I get a reward for the last one. I know you have another in the bucket. Haven’t I got you trained yet?

Always interesting things to see and do at the zoo. Great place to take the family. Or a date. The characters in Comfort Zone visit the fine facility early in their relationship. (PS: They have a great time.)

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