Duck! Duck!

No, I’m not playing a children’s game with poultry.

This would be a wise command in the Missouri village of Athens on August 5, 1861.

For a battle was raging between two militias of different opinions in the recently begun war. While the conflict proved to be small, and far from a turning-point in the war, items like that would matter little to the town residents during the two hours of conflict.

For example:

Cannonball entered near kitchen door.

Can you imagine? Here you are, possibly going from window to window trying to get a rifle shot off at one of the cannon crew. And…

Cannonball exits on back porch.

Yikes! Too close for my comfort.

This is only one of the interesting, historic, and/or scenic items in Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites.

While this particular location is not featured in Morning Tryst, you can be sure our heroine photographer visited and captured multiple images in the various seasons to tempt Missourians and others to visit.

What is Morning Tryst? I’m so glad you asked.

Join Serena and Zack in this sweet, contemporary romance set in California and Missouri.

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