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Authors work on a slim margin. If you ever calculated royalties to hours of work to develop, write, edit, and publish a book……well…..I suspect you’d have a lot of zeros to the right of the decimal point before you got to the fraction of a penny per hour.

So why do we write? Are we all a little “touched in the head?” Should you send us the name of a mental health professional?

Wait a minute! Most authors write because they have something to say — a story to tell. And don’t take my comments about money as a complaint. Well, maybe a little — I’d like to sell more books and make more money. (Publishers like this idea — after all– they put time and effort into each volume published.)

What I (and other authors) really appreciate — is a review of our work. Did you really like it? Did it miss the mark? Beat expectations? Will it find a permanent place on your bookshelf?

The on-line retailers make it easy for you to be a reviewer. Go to their site, click on the button to create a review, and follow the prompts. You don’t need to get long-winded. A sentence or two is fine. Even a few words.

Who knows — perhaps your words of encouragement will be the bright spot in the author’s day.

Sweet Trio

Stare Down – romance with a touch of suspense in St. Louis.

Comfort Zone – a contemporary romance with mature characters in St. Louis.

Morning Tryst – a contemporary romance featuring several Missouri State Parks.

Kindle links: Stare Down –

Comfort Zone – On sale for .99 – limited time.

Morning Tryst –

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