Don’t forget

When touring the zoo — don’t forget to visit the elephants!

Shall we test my memory? How did the six blind men describe the beast?

Very like a wall–said the man who felt the elephant’s side.

No, like a tree — said the one who wrapped his arms around a leg.

Wrong! Like a rope — the man who grasped the tail insisted.

Not at all, more like a fan — said the man holding an ear.

I don’t believe any of you — the beast is like a snake — said the man touching the trunk.

You’re all wrong. This animal is like a spear — said the man rubbing the tusk.

Are they all wrong? Are they all right? Do you remember the first time you saw an elephant?

In Comfort Zone, during a visit to the St. Louis Zoo, Henry Taylor tells elephant stories. Want to read them?

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