Two Centuries + Two Years

The math on this one is easy. The result is 1820.

The United States, recovering from the War of 1812, was in years of rapid growth. Maine and Missouri achieved statehood. Steamboats enabled goods to move up the rivers much faster and more dependable than previously. Daniel Boone died. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson lived in retirement.

And in upstate New York, a girl was born.

Thanks to education, a lot of hard work, and association with like-minded women, this girl grew into a woman many people recognize today. For a brief time, she was honored on a coin.

The lady on the right – Susan B. Anthony was born on this date in 1820 and honored on a one-dollar coin.

The proud woman on the left – Sacagawea lived earlier and gained fame guiding the Lewis & Clark Expedition over the Rocky Mountains. Her coin, also valued at one dollar, was designed later.

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