Need a little pep in your step? Looking for your “get up and go?”

Sunshine works wonders for me.

Another energy builder is gazing at, smelling, or walking among green and growing things.

Think on it a moment. How do you feel when you walk in a park? Or sit at an outside table near a patch of grass or flowerbed? Does the day feel brighter? Does a little energy seep into your spirit?

A friend recently asked how I managed to live without pets. I almost replied — I have plants. No, they are far from the same. Plants don’t wag tails or greet me at the door or curl up and purr on my lap. They do, however, have their own charms.

Is that a new leaf? Another bud? Whoops — it’s drooping — time to water.

Ah, green, spring grass. Makes a person want to take a deep breath and spin like the opening scenes of “The Sound of Music” No? Well, okay. I don’t want neighbors reporting me as possible crazy woman either. How about a brisk walk or a few moments of sitting on the grass and absorbing nature’s energy before facing the concerns of the day?