Rest and Relax

Call. Peaceful. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

When the world tosses problems and insults and anger in your direction — take a moment to collect your emotions.

You may have heard this in many ways. Think before speaking. Count to ten before you respond. Write a note and tear it up.

Location and color may assist you in this. It’s more difficult to calm yourself if standing on a busy city sidewalk with traffic noise giving a sense of urgency to the world. Circumstances may or may not give you a choice. Can you step away? Sit on a bench for a moment? When you close your eyes — think of something peaceful — something blue. A spring sky. A deep, clear lake.

Ahh! I feel better already. The variegated blues and calm water in this 2018 vacation photo makes it one of my favorites.

Closer to home tip: Pale blue lends a calming touch to a bedroom.

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