Overdue Honors

One of the items in my home which is easily overlooked is a small jar of coins. These are not the usual coins a person is either tempted to spend or deposit in the bank. Nor are they foreign — okay, a few Canadians have slipped into the mix.

These are a combination of old and special. Quarters from the bi-cenetennal in 1976. Silver dollars given by an uncle after a trip. A fifty-cent piece. (Can’t remember the last time I saw one in actual circulation.) A least one “wheat” penny.

And…both of the dollars featuring women.

Unlike many countries — the dollar coin has not been widely used in the United States in either the latter portion of the twentieth or in the twentieth-first century. These attempts, 1979 for the Susan B. Anthony on the right, and 2000 for Sacagawea on the left, never became popular. I guess Americans are resistant to change when it comes to money. I’m waiting for another attempt — perhaps if they stop printing one dollar bills they would force the issue. Oh, and in the meantime, honor another woman with some “folding money”. The honor is long overdue.

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