Safety Light

Roads have signs to guide the traveller.

Office buildings have directories and numbered doors.

Waterways have lights — green, red, pulsing — to warn of danger and guide ships to safe harbor.

This shaped puzzle — a lighthouse filled with lighthouses — caught my eye the first time I explored the box of “slightly used” puzzles.

When I’m on vacation near a large body of water, I explore the opportunity to visit. They are all automated now — perhaps that has helped some of them become museums and attractions. Let your imagination soar. Could you be a lighthouse keeper? Or part of his family?

Winter storms. Isolation. Rugged terrain. Sunrise (or sunset) on the water. Curling waves. Ship sightings.

Each building and light unique to guide people and cargo to safety. From the first people to light bonfires on the cliff to warn ships to the automated lights supplementing GPS and radio — cheers for some of the “first responders” in our society.

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