Claiming a Proud Tradition

Today I want you to use your imagination a little. I want you to close your eyes and picture Boston, MA in 1848.

What comes to mind?

Irish immigrants fleeing their homeland?  A crowded harbor? Cobbled streets filled with horses pulling carts, wagons, and carriages? Abolitionists writing newspaper articles?

In the middle of all this activity — perhaps in response to recent progress — the Boston Public Library was established. In 1895 they moved into their present day building.

Boston Public Library

With a heritage to be proud of– First free municipal library to do each of the following: lend books, establish a branch, and create a children’s room — they are also a modern facility.

Pre-COVID19 they gave daily public tours to showcase the art and architecture of the building. I’ve included it on my list if I ever happen to visit Boston again.