Non-Beach Reads

How’s summer going? Are you keeping to those goals and plans set in January?

Yeah, I thought so. On those short winter days, when I was setting goals and targets for 2020, I was an optimist. I planned three trips away from home — one for writing business and two for pleasure. (Yes, visiting relatives counts as pleasure.)

One by one the events and travel plans were cancelled. It was sort of like watching dominoes fall in slow motion. Even a couple of shorter trips — one night excursions to far corners of the state — are in serious doubt.

One thing that’s never cancelled (okay, when the library was closed it was difficult) is taking a vacation by reading a book. Within the magic covers you can travel to places unheard of in the real world. Want to step back in time? Check out a vision of the future? Explore a region on a different continent?

A selection of romance authors — these share the initial B — delightful for a summer vacation in your favorite chair. Keep a beverage within reach!

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