Final Bridge

Numerous bridges span the Mississippi River as it cuts from North to South in the middle of the United States. The bridge below: Crescent City Connection Bridges (a side-by-side pair) is the final bridge. If you need to cross the river, or one of it’s many branches as it winds its way to the Gulf of Mexico, hire a boat.

While this is not exactly a seacoast photo — the water is fresh — the river is wide and the New Orleans waterfront is active with freight and cruise ship traffic.

Disclaimer: I’ve a soft spot in my heart for this river. I envy, but will never, be one of the adventurers in a canoe or small boat to travel the entire length. I have discovered and admire the work of a retired art teacher who some years ago visited and sketched all the bridges. I’ve crossed many and still have more on the “Bucket” list.


3 responses to “Final Bridge

  1. Great post 😁

  2. Missing the river. I go to Lake Pepin just to absorb the view. Childhood memories of narrow, high, rickety Red Wing bridge and Wabasha bridge with two right angle corners!!!!!

  3. The Wabasha Bridge was scary!

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