What Did You Call Me?

I beg your pardon. I am not a seal. I am a sea lion. The larger and better looking of the pinnipeds. (Lack of self-esteem is not one of my problems.)

Are you one of the humans that can’t tell the difference. Here’s a tip. Our seal relatives, when they are on land, slide along on the bellies. We — sea lions — actually walk on four legs. Yes, our front flippers are much stronger and larger. A glance at our head shows another difference. Notice my ear flaps. You won’t see them on seals.

I’m also talented. I love fish — could eat them all day and half the night. And the humans here (I live at a zoo) make us work for some of our snacks. It’s fun to show off my skills to the crowd. Stop in and be awed some summer day!

Life is good!