Bouncing Experts

Hop right to it! Quick, like a bunny!

Have you given (or received) orders like this?

Depending on context — and energy level — this command generated a literal hop, jump, clowning around as I went off to fetch the item or do the task.

Bunnies, rabbits, hares — I admit they are expert. I’ve seen them bounce across a yard ahead of either a real or imagined threat.

But the real experts — the animal which defines “bounce” — is the kangaroo.

My introduction was in cartoons. More serious nature shows and films followed. The first time I recall seeing real ones — in a zoo — they were a little of a disappointment. They were scattered around in their habitat with all the energy of college students the morning after a party.

During subsequent zoo visits, the kangaroos have been more active. Once I could have easily believed that one of them had gotten into a stash of energy drinks as he bounced laps around his more sedate companions.

Snack time.

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