Have you Heard From…

It’s a common question between people in my circles at this time of year.

Unlike my relatives of previous generations, my correspondence is sparse. As recently as my mother, she stayed in touch with her out-of-town friends and relatives with letters.

Yes, snail mail. A handwritten letter, in an envelope, with a stamp. She sent it on a one, two, or three day journey (occasionally longer). Family news, a note on the weather, travel plans all found their way onto the page.

Often, we actually received a snail mail reply. It kept us up-to-date on births, deaths, moves, and employment changes.

Phone calls were considered expensive and saved more important times. There’s something special about a letter — especially a hand written one. My mother and I exchanged letters until her final illness. And I treasure a few saved over the years — a handwriting sample of a favorite aunt or cousin. I offer thanks to my mother’s cousin who saved a letter from my grandmother written at New Years 1922.

All set to send my holiday cards and letters.

(Yes, I cheat with a computer letter. I’m one of THOSE people.)

Do you send holiday cards and letters?

1 thought on “Have you Heard From…”

  1. Beginning when I was very young, I waited for Christmas letters. One from Whitewater Wisconsin was written by a brilliant woman who’s notes read like a book. Why she wrote? Mom taught her husband math so he could finish high school.
    Part of family gatherings when I was in my twenties was pulling the a basket overflowing with cards and letters onto my lap. Many of these cards my aunt came from Illinois, friends who were part of my aunt and uncle’s life at a camp near Lake Geneva, WI. One colored paper cheeful note came from Willie. What a wonderful man, an elementary music teacher who later died of AIDS. Now I wait for the note from the eastern part of Wisconsin. It’s written by the wife of a man who’s been my friend since we were fourteen years old. We haven’t seen one another in years but we considered each other “family”.

    Yes, these letters are important, from people I’ve kept in my heart.

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